We are a team of SCORPS

S: Sportsmanship.

We play by the rules and are true to this traditional game of cricket.

We will walk from the wicket when given out.

We will admit to “non-catches”.

We will award good cricket plays.

We will shake hands with our opponent and fellow cricketers.

C Celebrate.

We will celebrate all positive moments.

We will cheer your first game, run, catch, wicket, partnership & effort.

O: Offer.

We will offer our assistance where we can.

We will offer our time to help set up, wash up, clean up because we know this club is everybodys.

We will offer our subs promptly and fully to assist the club in their financial duties.

R: Respect.

We will respect the laws of the game.

We will respect the umpire’s decision.

We respect our players, their privacy, religion and culture.

We will respect the club, clubrooms and property.

P: Participate.

We will participate because we love the game of cricket and enjoy the camaraderie of all cricketers.

S: Support.

We will support our captains, vice captains, committee, sponsors, other members and other players.


We do this because we are a team of SCORPS.