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Friday 13 August 1915

Ringwood and Croydon Chronicle

CRICKET COMPETITION AND THE WAR. (To the Editor.) Sir.– I think that it would be in accordance with universal feeling if competitions are abandoned for the coming cricket season. The clubs have been depleted by members playing the grander game, and while they are risking their lives for us, ought we not to keep his in a quieter spirit. I do not suggest that the clubs disband, but that there be no competitions, and it is not my intention to call the delegates together for the coming season unless the club secretaries ask me to do so. On behalf of the association, I have to cordially thank the ladies of each club for their kindness in providing refreshment and the liberality and taste shown every Saturday. It was the feature of each match. The trophy won by the Seville club has been handed to and acknowledged by them. In conclusion, I trust the day will soon come when we can resume our sports with a free feeling, though perhaps with a changed spirit for some time to come, caused by those who fell by the way.

Yours etc… W.A.E. MORRIS Hon. Sec. Lilydale and District Cricket Association. Red Court, Gruyere, 3815.



Saturday 28 September 1935

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian

Cricket Club Formed

At a meeting held on September 17. It was decided to form a Gruyere Cricket Club to participate in the the Lilydale District Association. The office-bearers elected were; – President, Mr H.W. McCann; vice-president, Mr. R Cahill; secretary and treasurer, Mr. F.R. McCann; delegates, Messrs, W. Madden and F.R. McCann; selectors, Mr. W. Ayers with captain and vice-captain’ general committee, Messrs. W. D. C.and I Madden, Brian B and R Cahill, P. Hovey, N Ayers, E McDonald, W Reads, D. Chandler, H. and F. McCann.

The club’s ground is situated on Mr H. McCann’s property, Medhurst road.



Saturday 23 November 1935

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian



Lilydale District Association

Woori Yallock V Gruyere


Gruyere made a determined stand against Woori Yallock to compile 107, in which the chief contributors were J Madden, C Madden, L Buxton and “sundries”. D Wilson. F Stuart and E.Long shaped well with the ball for Woori. Woori Yallock did not fare too well in batting, the side going for 57, due to the excellent bowling of J.Madden and W. Ayres. H. Emmett, H. Ockewell and B. Dothie were Wooris’ best batsmen.

Gruyere- FIrst innings.

J McCann, b Long …………………..1

C Madden, b Wilson…………………24

M McDonald, b Long…………………0

D Chandler, c Stuart b Wilson……8

W. Madden, c______ b Wilson……5

D. Madden, b Stuart……………………1

J Madden, not out………………………33

F. McCann, b Stuart……………………0

W. Ayres, b Stuart………………………1

W. Armistead, b Long………………….0

L Buxton, b Wilson……………………..15






Bowling. – D.Wilson, four for 14; F Stuart, three for 10; E. Long, three for 16; A Culliver, none for 13; H Ockwell, none for 28.


Woori Yallock- First Innings

D Wilson. std b Ayres………………………2

H. Emmett, run out………………………….13

F. Stuart, lbw b Ayres……………………….1

H Ockwell, c F McCann b Ayres………..11

G Emmett, run out…………………………….3

B Douthie, c D Madden b J Madden……10

A Colliver, c C Madden b J Madden…….0

E Long, c W Madden b J Madden………..5

R Long c Armistead b J Madden………….6

C Stuart b C Madden…………………………..2

R Emmett, not out……………………………….2



Total                                       57


Bowling;- J Madden four for 14

W Ayres three for 17, C Madden 1 for 19,

W Madden none for 12.


Saturday 9th May 1936

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian

The Grand Hotel, Healsvllle, was the scene of a blithesome function on Saturday night last, when members of the Gruyere Cricket Club were honored at a night soiree and dinner. Many distinguished guests from near and far participated, Including Mr. W. H. Everard, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, whose ready wit and conviviality shine no where to better perfection than on such festive occasions., Numerous toasts were honored anid done full Justice to In the good old-fashioned style, among them being “The King,” proposed by Mr. McCann snr. of Green Point, president of the club: “T’he State Parliament.” proposed by Mr. J. McCann vice-captain), and responded to by Mr. Everard; “The Patrons,” proposed by Mr W V. Madden (captain), replied to by Mr. McDonald; “The Gruyere Cricket Club” proposed by mine host, Mr Campbell, and responded to by Mr McCann snr. “The Host and Hostess proposed by Cr. G. Hill: and ”The Musicians,” proposed by Mr. Madden and acknowledged by Mr Webster. Although not successful in annexing the coveted premiership the Gruyere club has emerged from the season’s activities in a healthy financial position. Well deserved tributes were accorded the president and other officials, as well as the club’ supporters, for their splendid aid throughout the year, which fact was the most potent of all in ensuring the club’s prosperity. Musical items rendered during the evening were greately appreciated, and festivities continued till a late hour.


Saturday 12th Sept 1936

The Argus

LILYDALE – Lilydale Cricket Club officers are -President Mr R E Goode vice presidents Messrs W Hodges W L Arundell J Morton J Pearce secretary Mr R Matthewson delegates Messrs R Matthewson and H Robertson –

Gruyere Cricket Club officers are -president Mr H W Mccann vice presidents Messrs E McDonald C Madden Roberts secretary and treasurer Mr J McCann



Saturday 1st May 1937

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian

“Healesville Local Chatter”

To celebrate their winning of the premiership this season, the members of the Gruyere Cricket Club-about 30 all told-wended their way to the Grand Hotel, Healesville, last Saturday night, there to sit themselves down to a splendidly cooked and admirably served repast spread out before them by their good friend and supporter, Miss Meares. Of course their other cheery comrade. Mr. Archie Campbell, was also among those present, as no such function on the club’s behalf at Healesville would be complete without Archie’s quips and enthusiasm. ) Archie, by the way, and for the information of his host of local friends who may be wondering where he is, is sojourning for a fortnight or so at the Bridge Hotel, Richmond, during the absence in Adelaide of his friend the licensee.) Also at the big spread were Mr. Everard (the renowned Speaker of the other house) and his pleasant henchman, Mr. Russell Clarke, M.L.C., not forgetting, Cr Mitchell of Lilydale, and Cr. George Hill, of Healesville. During the dispensation of the viands the usual toasts indispensable to such an occasion were accorded hearty honors, and were delightfully interspersed with harmony produced by Mr. Webster and the violin of Mr. Brian Cahill.  It was indeed a truly festive  wind-up to the club’s seasonal success, and also the second occasion on which the sporting gents from Gruyere and their satellites chose the Grand as the scene of their merrymaking. – It is hoped by all that such conviviality and good fellowship will be often times repeated.



Saturday 2 April 1938

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian

Gruyere Cricketers’ Shivoo


Favored by the attendance of the Hon. W. H. Everard, Cr, J. P. Doake, Messrs. Burgi, G. Hill, C. A. N. Mc Donald, Webster (Caulfield) and Pigden (Geelong), the annual dinner of the Gruyere Cricket Club in the Gruyere Hall last Saturday night, was a happy affair. The hall had been converted into a bower of tastefully arranged fern fronds, gum tips and flowers, and the long tables, simply groaning under budrens of delicacies, presented an even more attractive sight to the 50 or more players and supporters, who anxiously consulted their watches awating the zero hour — o’clock. So many dishes were laid out that very little service was required, and all were able to sit down to an uninterrupted repast. Great credit is due to those responsible tor the organisation, for laying the tables and decorating the hall. Mr. H. McCann presided. The loyal toast was proposed by Mr. McCann, that of the State Parliament by Mr. F Wood, who expressed the club’s pleasure at having their old friend and patron, Mr. Everard, present. Mr. Everard responded in breezy style, and complimented the club on its success during the season. The toast of The Patrons was pro posed by Mr. W, Madden, who voiced the opinion that if it were not for the generosity of the patrons there would be no club. Cr. Doake replied. Mr. C. Madden proposed “The Captain,” congratulating Mr. J, McCann on the fine example lie had shown his men and the able way he had led them, and on behalf of the club presented Mr. McCann (who, by the way, sailed for England on the Orcades on Monday) with a handsome gold cigarette case, suitably inscribed. Several others supported Mr. Madden, wishing Jack bon voyage.

In response Mr. McCann said that his association with the Gruyere boys had been the happiest in his life, and he was looking forward to being back for the next cricket season. In spite of their defeat at the hands of East Wandin the general feeling among players was that the club had been very successful. During the evening several delightful violin duets were rendered by Mrs. Cahill and Mr. B. Cahill, accompanied by Miss Madden. Mr. Webster’s fine baritone voice was heard to advantage in “The Legion of the Lost” ,and other stirring airs , and Messrs. Pigden and McCann entertained with clever impersonations.



Saturday 9 September 1939

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian

Yarra Valley Cricket Association -4–
At the annual. meeting of the Lilydale District Cricket Association a change of title was unanimously decided upon, and henceforth the organisation will be known as the Yarra Valley Cricket Association. With the withdrawal of the Lilydale and East WVarlurton clubs from the competition, the inclusion of Healesville and Yarra Junction-both of whom are old friends-leaves the grades at the same strength as those of last season.
Mr. C. R. Goode, of Mt Evelyn, was re-elected president for the fifth successive year, and Mr. V. Sumner (of Wandin) again fills the positions of secretary and treasurer. The president’s offer of premiership trophies for both the A. and B. grades, similar to those which he donated last season, was gratefully accepted.

It was agreed that the association should again provide trophies for the winners of the batting and bowling averages in both sections. Clubs are requested to note the two new rulings adopted at the meeting: First, any club falling to pay its affiliation fee by December 1 shall lose all premiership points earned to that date, and shall not receive any furtheir points until the fee is paid. Secondly, it is necessary for a club to obtain a permit for any player residing more than two miles outside an area embracing the Lillydale, Healesville and Upper Yarra Shires.

Owing to difficulty in arranging grounds, it has been found necessary to alter the B. grade draw for the first round. The first day’s play will be as follows:
A. Grade.-
Warburton v. Yarra Junction.
Powelltown v. Woori Yallock,
Mt. Evelyn v. Seville,
Wandin v. Fern Hill.

B. Grade.-
Cave Hill v. East Wandin,
Seville v. Healesville,
Yarra Junction Footballers v. Gruyere,
Hoddle’s Creek v, Powelltown.

Matches to be played on grounds of first named clubs.



Saturday 3 February 1940

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian


FIXTURES. February 3 and 10.


A. Grade. .

Mt. Evelyn v. Yarra Junction.

Warburton v. Seville.

Wandin v. Woori Yallock.

Powelltown v. Fern Hill.


B. Grade.

Yarra Jnctn. F’ballers v. H’ville.

Seville v. Gruyere.

Hoddle’s Creek v. East Wandin.

Cave Hill v. Powelltown.


Saturday 21 September 1940

Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian

The annual meeting of the Yarra Valley Cricket Association, held last week, was a splendid augury for the coming season. Twelve teams indicated their intention of playing, which should provide some keen contests. Discussion centred around the composition of the competition, and it was decided to have only one grade. with the teams divided into two zones, one comprising clubs around Yarra Junction and the other clubs pivoting on Wandin. This action will make travelling less of a bugbear than it has been in former years, as there will be no long distances to cover.

Although Mr C. R. Goode (Mt.Evelyn) expressed a desire that another president should be elected, delegates prevailed upon him to fill the post again-one which he has most admiably carried out for some years. Other officers elected were:-Vice presidents, Messrs. W. Madden (Gruyere), W. Valentine (Woori Yallock) and D. Campbell (Wandin); secretary. Mr. W V. Sumner (another who has given the utmost satisfaction tor several years).

The balance sheet, with a credit of £15/18/-, showed the association to be in the strongest position it has enjoyed since its inception. When this was announced thoughts of the war turned uppermost in the minds of delegates, and it was unanimously agreed to donate £10 to the Government for war needs. In view of the war position delegates decided to reduce the affillation fee to 10/- and abolish trophies for the season, the premiership winners to be presented with certificates.

On the meeting being opened a minute’s silence was observed as a mark of respect to the late Mr. W. Bowring, of Mt. Evelyn, who had always taken a keen internet in cricket and who for some years had donated a valuable trophy for competion between players.

Fixtures for the first half of the season are as follow:
A. ZONE. October 5 and 12.
Wandin v. Seville A.
Cave Hill v. Mount ,Evelyn.
Seville B. v. Gruyere.

October 15 and 26.
Mount Evelyn v. Gruyere.
Seville A. v. Seville B,
Wandin v. Cave Hill.

November ‘2 and 9.
Seville A. v. Gruyere.
Mount Evelyn v. Wandin.
Cave Hill v. Seville B.

November 16 and 23.
Gruyere v. Wandin.
Cave Hill v. Seville A.
Seville B. v. Mount Evelyn.

November 30-December 7.
Gruyere v. Cave Hill.
Seville A. v. Mount Evelyn.
Wandin v. Seville B.

October 5 and 12.
Powelitown v. Warburton.
Y. J. Footballers v. Woori Yallock.
Hoddle’s Creek v. Yarra Junction..

October 10 and 26.
Warburton v. Y, J. Footballers.
Woorl Yallock v. Hoddle’s CreeK.
Yarra Junction v. Powelltown.

November 2 and 9.
Powelltown v. Woorl Yallock.
Hoddle’s Creek v. Y. J. F’ballers.
Yarra Junction v. Warburton.

November 16 and 23.
Y. J. Footballers v. Powelltown.
Woori Yallock v. Yarra Junction.
Warburton v. Hoddle’s Creek.






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